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Ermita de San Bartelome 46.4 km

Circular MTB route in the Sierra de Cameros, La Rioja, Spain starting in the village El Rasillo. The part from El Rasillo to Nieva de Cameros follows the GR93. After Nieva a short descent and then the climb starts. The last meters to the Llano de la Turquilla are very steep, some will have to walk here a short distance. As the name already suggests, once at the Llano de la Turquilla the track becomes rather flat. From the Llano de la Turquilla the Ermita de San Bartelomé can be reached conveniently. Next a descent to Nestares and then to Torrecilla. From Torrecilla the best option is to take the asphalt road to Pradillo, the first part is still enjoyable, very quiet, the last kilometres asphalt have more traffic, be careful. From Pradillo there is a track to Montemediano and then its a short distance back to El Rasillo.

El Rasillo – Nieva de Cameros – Llano de la Turquilla – Ermita de San Bartelomé – Nestares – Torrecilla – Pradillo – Montemediano – El Rasillo

Distance: 46.4 km; Up: 1452 m; Down: 1452 m; Highest: 1449 m; Lowest 733 m

You can find more information about this route on Wikiloc, including the GPX file.

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Leaving Nieva and starting the climb

After leaving Nieva de Cameros, and a short descent, here the climb to the Llano de la Turquilla starts.

Final part of the climb towards the llano de la Turquilla

The last part of the descent is very steep, you might have to walk a short distance, but after that you will reach the Llano de la Turquilla.

Llano de la Turquilla

As the name already suggests, at the Llano de la Turquilla the track becomes more or less flat.

Camino de los Arrieros

Also the Camino de los Arrieros is more or less flat.

Ermita de San Bartelome with bike

We reached the goal of the route, the Ermita de San Bartelome.

Track close to the Ermita de San Bartelome

This is the track close to the Ermita de San Bartelome.

After a few kilometres asphalt back on a MTB track to Montemediano

After the asphalt road to Pradillo back on a MTB track.

Reaching Montemediano with on the background El Rasillo

We are close to Montemediano and we can see already El Rasillo, the starting point, in the background.