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General cycling

Global Mountain Bike Network – A YouTube Channel on mountainbiking.

Pinkbike – A website on mountainbikes.

Global Cycling Network – Not only a road bike website but also a YouTube Channel on road biking.

Velominatie – A website on road bikes, of particular interest are The Rules,

The Retrogrouch – A blog on vintage road bikes.

TopoHispania – Free topographic maps of Spain. In my opinion as good as the (expensive) Topo Spain maps from Garmin. TopoHispania is not so easy to download and install unfortunately. I hope that more topographic, open maps, will become available for Spain.



Sheldon Brown – Sheldon Brown’s Bicycle Technical Info, an online encyclopedia particularly on older bikes.

ParkTool – Of particularly interest are the excellent “Fix It – Repair Help” pages that include numerous instructional videos.

Velobase – As they describe it: a comprehensive database of vintage cycling knowledge for reference during everything from restorations to general maintenance to researching the cycling history through the equipment of the time.

Zinn and the art of … – Lennard Zinn’s technical books on Mountainbikes, Roadbikes and Triathlon bikes.

Disraeli Gears – A database of deraillers.

Gear Calculator – For any combination of chainrings, sprockets, wheels, tyres and cadence it calculates the associated speed, and distance per revolution of the crank.


Cycling in La Rioja

Momias Rioja BTT – Numerous MTB routes around Logroño and in La Rioja, also present on Facebook.

Tracksrioja Chebaca – Also many MTB routes in La Rioja.

Ruedas de Lana – Organised 4, 5 or 6 day circular route in the mountains of La Rioja. Recommended! Best connection to La Rioja is by car or by plane using the airport of Bilbao or Madrid.

BTT Nieva de Cameros – Annual one day MTB tour starting in Nieva de Cameros but also crossing El Rasillo.

Triatlón El Rasillo – Annual triatlón in El Rasillo.

Bicigrino – A website on the pilgrim routes in Spain, including the best known route, El Camino de Santiago, which runs along the Ebro river and passes La Rioja. Many practical tips and documents.