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La Mohosa 24.8 km

Circular MTB route in the Sierra de Cameros, La Rioja, Spain starting in the village El Rasillo along the GR93 to Nieva. Climb to Nieva also along the GR93 track, not along the asphalt road, good opportunity to warm up your legs. After Nieva a short descent and then the climb starts. The climb is not too difficult, but takes a while. The track seems to have a dead end, but if you follow my GPS track, and descent a little bit just some 200 metres before the water fountain, probably by walking a short distance downwards, you will find the continuation of the track. You can now start to cycle again, but the remaing short part of the climb becomes a little bit more difficult. Finally you will reach the highest point La Mohosa. Now the descent starts, first nice and not too difficult, later the descent becomes more steep and at some points a little bit more difficult, be careful and have your brakes well prepared! At the end there is a part with small stones were it is more difficult to brake, you might want to walk here some 100-200 metres, just to be careful. You can return to Nieva along a comfortable track. Then from Nieva you can go back to El Rasillo along the road, or you can take a small detour for example as described in the Route of the Muelago, or you can return to El Rasillo along the same GR93 that you took to get to Nieva.

El Rasillo – Nieva de Cameros – La Mohosa – Nieva de Cameros – El Rasillo

Distance: 24.8 km; Up: 1193 m; Down: 1193 m; Highest: 1601 m; Lowest 951 m

You can find more information about this route on Wikiloc, including the GPX file.

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La Mohosa up 2

Start of the climb, here at the start of may, a very green scenery.

Arroyo de Castejon

At the start you will be following the Arroyo de Castejon (may).

La Mohosa up 4

And all the way nice sceneries (may).

La Mohosa up 5

Leaving the forrest, the scenery becomes more open, at the highest point comes nearer (may).

La Mohosa up 6

Higher up, trees are not yet green at the start of may.

La Mohosa up 7

Just before reaching the fountain (may).

La Mohosa up 8

Remember, when you reach this fountain you have to cycle back some 200 metres, walk down, and try to find the continuation of the track (may).

La Mohosa down 4

Enjoy the descent (may).

La Mohosa down 5

Some steep curves down (may).

La Mohosa down

And some flat parts (may).

La Mohosa down 3

Cows prefer the flat part (may).

La Mohosa down 2

Cows prefer the flat part (may).