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La Mohosa II 24.2 km

There wouldn’t be a La Mohosa II route, if the La Mohosa I route couldn’t be improved. The La Mohosa II route offers more variety with regard to the tracks and the landscape, and it avoids the tricky descent of La Mohosa I that I do not like so much.

La Mohosa II is a circular MTB route in the Sierra de Cameros, La Rioja, Spain starting in the village El Rasillo along the Arroyo de la Agenzana. The route is 100% cyclable and no asphalt roads at all. The climbs are mainly along wide tracks, the descents are for a considerable part narrow single tracks.

Climbing from El Rasillo to an altitude of 1620 m is not too difficult, except perhaps for the part at 1530 m height, that is the part of the track that is reinforced with concrete. After reaching an open space at 1620 m you start descending to the east, the first part of the track is not so obvious, but soon you will be following a clear track. Don’t descent too fast, here and there the track is in poor condition. When you reach a more obvious track, turn left and start climbing again. Leave this track, and take a somewhat hidden track to the right at 1440 m altitude, first a short descent, and then turn to the left and start climbing to 1600 m. Enjoy the view when you reach 1600 m altitude and then cross the fence and start with a long, and well deserved, descent. While descending, do not miss the exit to the right! It comes soon, after passing a group of trees, during a fast descent you may easily overlook it. Descent further through the woods until you reach a fence, cross the fence and continue along the same single track as described in the Muélago route. After the single track you can continue to Nieva along a comfortable track. Then from Nieva you can go back to El Rasillo along the GR93 trail.

El Rasillo – Arroyo de la Agenzana – La Mohosa – Nieva de Cameros – El Rasillo

Distance: 24.2 km; Up: 1110 m; Down: 1110 m; Highest: 1620 m; Lowest 970 m

You can find more information about this route on Wikiloc, including the GPX file (do not trust the heights in the GPX file, nor in the height profile below, they are about 150 m too low).

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La Mohosa II - 1

This is where more MTB routes start in El Rasillo, high in the village, at the cattle grid.

La Mohosa II - 2

Soon you reach this Y -junction , keep right here, it’s august, so you will experience “sol” ….

La Mohosa II - 3

…. but also quit some “sombra”, …., during the climbing.

La Mohosa II - 4

Now you have reached an altitude of 1620 m, keep to the right, the track is now a bit difficult to see, ….

La Mohosa II - 5

… but soon the track becomes a little bit more obvious.

La Mohosa II - 6

Descend until you cross this path, at an altitude of 1260 m, now keep left.

La Mohosa II - 7

Go right at 1440 m, a not so obvious track, first a short descent, and then climbing to 1600 m.

La Mohosa II - 10

Enjoy the view when you reach 1600 m, and then cross the fence and start with a long, and well deserved, descent.

La Mohosa II - 12

Do not miss this turn to the right! During the fast descent you may easily overlook it.

La Mohosa II - 13

At the point of the turn to the right, you can see, when you look back, were you some moments ago started the descent.

La Mohosa II - 14

The mountains are surprisingly green for the time of the year, …, August.

La Mohosa II - 15

This is part of the long and enjoyable descent.